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1. Nasty Girl

Two female co-workers, Tonya and Paige, are good friends. Tonya has a beloved dog that she regards as her child. Paige thinks she’s extreme about the dog, but is tolerant. Tonya’s house is always very clean and tidy, but Paige feels the house is still nasty with dog hair and says that the dog is allowed in the kitchen while Tonya is cooking and can lick cooking utensils from time to time (the dog may be given a spoon or bowl to lick after Tonya is done with it). So Paige steers clear from eating any of her food. Paige has also secretly shared this criticism with other co-workers…just to make them aware in case food is brought in from Tonya’s home. After all Tonya is a wonderful cook and brings delicious dishes in at times.

Now during the week of Tonya’s vacation, Paige scheduled an office potluck. Tonya got wind of it via a male co-worker that is interested in her. He also apprised her of how Paige talks behind her back about the dog and how unsanitary she is. Tonya felt hurt and was furious. And now as it relates to “being nasty”, Tonya knows that Paige doesn’t always wash her hands after using the bathroom, that she has finger to nose to mouth issues (which Tonya secretly took a video of) and Paige told her she will sometimes wear the same panties for two or three days because she uses panty liners.

Still hurt and somewhat in disbelief, Tonya decides to take a few hours from her vacation and come into the office just to participate in the lunchtime potluck, bringing in tortilla chips and homemade salsa. She needs to see this for herself. She sees Paige cautiously eye a few people about the salsa and observes that no one is eating her dish. However, the interested male co-worker goes over to get some chips and salsa and Paige slyly says to him “I wouldn’t eat that if I were you”. He tells Tonya and now…

Debate: Tonya should call Paige out right there in the lunchroom in front of everybody and let it rip.


Tonya should say nothing at work (technically she’s not even supposed to be there) and pull Paige to the side privately. 

2. Hoop Dreams

Anthony has two best friends, Calvin and Paul. Anthony was fortunate enough to have his name drawn and presented the opportunity to purchase two tickets to the 2019 NBA All Star weekend in Charlotte. He couldn’t believe his luck as he put his name in as a joke. He had to scrape up to buy the tickets, but he did it, feeling this was an opportunity of a life time. However, as soon as he pushed “purchase” on his computer, he knew he had a problem…which friend to take as they both would really, really want to go. But there is a situation. Anthony owes Calvin some money. Now Calvin has a wife and two kids. Calvin came through for him in a big way financially about a year ago, to the point of his wife questioning him. But this friendship dates back to kindergarten, so Calvin overrode her complaints. Anthony has repaid Calvin about half of the money, but tapered off a bit when he found out he could get the All Star tickets. Calvin hasn’t said anything about his payments falling short, but Anthony feels pressure from the silence. Anthony is doing better now financially than he was a year ago, but is still not quite right. Anthony knows that Calvin could really use a weekend get-away. He would love to take him, but would feel somewhat obligated to pick up a few tabs. Further, he would feel awkward freely spending in front of him.

Paul on the other hand is single and likes to make a good impression and be in the mix. If he takes him, the expenses will be paid for…for the most part. Paul was with him when he put his name into the drawing and literally told him, “Man, if you get those tickets, I got the accommodations”. And Paul meant that. You see Paul is the one who will pick up the tab when they go out and just overall do a bit more spending, especially if the ladies are around. Anthony thinks that if he takes Paul, he will be able to enjoy the weekend more and save some money…which would put him in a better position to repay Calvin. And the final problem to all of this is…Calvin and Paul know each other through Anthony.

Debate: Anthony should choose the moral high road, man up and take Calvin.


Anthony should take Paul, have the weekend of a life time so that he can come back and try to take care of Calvin.  

3. Jump to It

Around 7 o’clock in the evening a 16 year old girl sneaks her boyfriend, also 16, into her father’s house. Her father is a police officer. The mother passed two years ago, so her father is a single parent. The young lady is very pretty, bright and talented and her father is very proud of her. He has met the boyfriend, but was told that they were just friends. The daughter knows that her dad does not want her getting caught up in a relationship right now with all she has going on at school and in the community. But the daughter and the boyfriend are in a full blown relationship and have started having sexual intercourse. The boyfriend rode his bike over and put it in back of the house. He knows that he has to leave by 10 o’clock as the father always gets home from bowling around 10:30 on Thursdays. Around 9:55 the boyfriends gets bubble guts and has to use the bathroom. While in the bathroom, he realizes he has diarrhea. No one is worried as he has time. 10:07pm – the daughter hears her father pull into the garage. Terrified, the daughter panics and tells her boyfriend that he has to jump out the second floor window and leave. She even throws four pillows into the stinky bathroom for him to use for the jump. Petrified, he wants to, but can’t magically put a stopper in his ass. He has to make a decision.

Debate: Jump out the window with the runs and risk hurting himself


Stay, finish and pray to God he can make it out without getting caught.