1.  Party, Politics, Position or Principle

There is a general consensus, even among his base, that Donald Trump is a severely flawed president. Immature, reckless, immoral and unethical are just a few adjectives used to describe his character and behavior. It has also been heavily suggested that he has committed crimes before and while in the oval office. Yet many of those who have the responsibility and charge to check the executive branch have been very unwilling or apprehensive to do so. And those that are gung-ho about going after him face unrelenting opposition and don’t seem to have the muscle to make it happen. All the while, Trump brazenly runs amuck, spewing all manner of venom on those that criticize him. A neophyte in the political arena, Trump has managed to impose his will on the country’s most seasoned politicians and has challenged the traditional views of the law and our constitution…all this in plain view. You see his counterparts backed into a corner and no one is coming out swinging. But has he made a point? Though crude in decorum, Trump has done well in exposing just how fragile and weak our government is at the highest levels.

Debate: Considering the high stakes of the politics involved, Trump’s equal branch counterparts are wise to be afraid, apprehensive or completely absent regarding exercising their checks, balances and oversight duties. Thus, let the 2020 election decide Trump’s presidential fate.


Setting all else aside, even the politics, Trump’s equal branch counterparts should proceed in ways that protect our laws, uphold the constitution and provide truth and justice to the American People. Do your job…period!

2. Our Baby, My Body 

 Upon watching women protesting on television for abortion rights, a man sitting next to me said, “It’s sad to see women so passionate about killing their own babies”. This immediately struck a chord in a woman within earshot as she told him, “they’re not passionate about killing babies, these women are standing up for their right to control their own bodies”. Then she emphatically added, “you’re not qualified to argue abortion. It’s not your body”. His final words to her were, “yeah, but it could be my baby”.

Abortion has again taken a front and center seat in politics today. It seems the argument will never be reconciled as there are stark contrasting views with a deep divide. And it’s not just women, men are fully engaged and putting their imprint on the matter…which brings us to this debate.

Debate: A man or woman arguing abortion is irrelevant. Abortion is an issue regarding the beginning of life and the rights of the fetus.


Issue should be taken with men arguing abortion as this is about a woman’s right to have control over her own body.

3. It’s Your Birthday 

For his birthday, a newlywed wife (less than 2 years) gifted her husband a trip to the strip club for both of them. They both happily watched the strippers and received erotic lap dances as they blessed the stripper with money. Afterwards, they went home and had wild, adventurous sex. The wife felt she scored big points with this gift as it pulled her husband more into her. She gave this gift more so as a thrill…their sex life was fine according to her. But she was also letting him know that she was down for him and if he wanted to go places like that from time to time, she would be willing to join him. Now they both say they love the food at the strip club and will get carry outs. But the rules have been set by the wife. He can go for food, but not partake in the erotic side of things without her. He agreed.

Briefly fast forward--Now, this same newlywed wife says her husband does not fully get into her anymore without the extra-curricular stripper stimulant. She doesn’t mind going, but it’s getting tiresome for her. So the husband suggested the stripper should come to their home and perform for them there. She says that he is deviating from the agreed upon rules and this is not what she signed up for. Now she wants to go to counseling, but he refuses and does not understand what her problem is.

Debate: This woman is either a fool or naïve to think she could introduce a stripper as a sexual stimulant and have all be well.


There is nothing wrong with spicing your marriage with an outside stimulant as long as the couple agrees to the rules and follows them.