Dawn wrote:  The Controversy is just that ......CONTROVERSIAL!. It's a game show where every emotion, belief and principle is challenged. But at the end of each debate you are more aware, knowledgeable, refreshed, angry, sympathetic and ready to get in the game and go at it again. $500 is the Winning Prize!!! It's all about the ART OF THE DEBATE and GETTING THAT MONEY!!!

Darius wrote:  An amazing opportunity to do a live debate about important issues in our society. It's live as hell!!

Angel August wrote:  In this day and age, social media has been used to fraudulently personify the identity of countless people. You can:

• Take an unspecified time frame to debate an issue.

• Take even longer to research the subject matter.

• Do it for free.

Enter... The Controversy Game Show.

• Controlled, short time frame for a point/counterpoint.

• Subject matter and it's political position are a relative mystery until you are selected to participate.

• Cash prize winning

And... The studio audience decides who debated the best. Right or wrong is inconsequential. The very idea of this game is challenging, enlightening, and the mirror to show your split second ability to passionately debate that which you may love or hate.

Tina wrote:  When is the next one??

Shawn wrote:  Fun! Unique! Exciting!  Keep the topics coming Baby!!  

Katrina wrote:  * * * * * Five stars and it will only get better.

Vincent & Heidi Brooks wrote:  A wonderful creation by Yancy and Dionne.  A night of enjoyment.  My husband and I had a great time watching the contestants on stage debating to win $500 while we sat debating with ourselves about who should win the round and the money.  Came once, will attend again.

DeJhon S. wrote:  This game show has my undivided attention.  When you're there, you're really there.  

Vale Valencia wrote:  I don't even know how you came up with this idea.  The topics are the bomb!!